MADA Open Day 2015


Monash University

MADA Open Day 2015

Branding and activation created by the Winter at MADA/Summer in Prato team during their time in Prato, Italy and Melbourne. The aim was to create an enticing and enthusiastic brand for MADA's 2015 Open Day. Our direction focused on evoking a sense of play and dynamism, presenting an accessible side of MADA. We employed dimensional typography paired with vibrant still-life imagery to form an exciting identity.

  • Collaborators:
    • Tal Levin
    • Kathryn Pineda
    • Zach Beltsos Russo
    • Lucy Russel
    • Antra Svarcs
  • Direction:
    • Wendy Ellerton
  • Thanks To:
    • Warren Taylor
    • Monash University