Memory Traces

experience design,

for University Project

Memory Traces

Memory Traces draws memories illustrated from photos taken by my late Auntie Rosemary, narrated randomly using word fragments from her travel diaries.

The memories draw over the top of one another, inspired by palimpsest. This erratic yet somehow connected behavior is a direct link to how we experience and re-experience memories. No two memory traces are ever drawn in the place or in the same order.

Over-arching themes are also present. The main page is essentially one large memory trace. As multiple users interact with the piece, more memories are traced. This causes marks on the main screen and increases the length of the moving line until an image can be seen. This creates a varying, phenomenological experience for each individual user, depending on what others have done before them, and on some level operates as a col- lective and shared experience.

The randomly segmented and arranged text extends upon the erratic nature of memo- ries. These sentences and words are used to prompt further thinking as well as confusion. They are a vehicle for creating new meaning, giving the user the opportunity to reinter- pret someone else’s past experiences.

The experience aims to replicate and extend upon the idea of memory. It is a mechanism that does not give you answers, but instead asks you questions.

  • Thanks To:
    • Dr. Mark Guglielmetti